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3089 Miles Across America (a 2016 RAAM Film)

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This purchase is for a DVD of 3089 Miles Across America, a film capturing the 35th Race Across America.

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The Race Across America (RAAM) is widely recognized as the toughest bicycle race in the world. RAAM is a 3,000-mile, coast-to-coast, bicycle race that starts in Oceanside, CA and finishes in Annapolis, MD. RAAM has become an iconic American event. First run in 1982, the race has continued uninterrupted. The 2016 race marked the 35th anniversary, making it one of the longest running events in cycling. Racers and crew come from around the world to compete. Why is RAAM so compelling? Why do racers and crew keep coming back, year after year? Why is RAAM – an iconic American event, a world class event – recognized worldwide but largely unknown in the USA? Over the years, many films have been made, but none have answered these questions. No film has ever captured what makes RAAM so special. That story is told here. 44 minutes Running Time.

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