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Vertix Ultra Communication System

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The Official Communication System of RAAM

Includes everything needed for one rider and one support vehicle. Rider set includes 'hovering' speaker/mic. Rear jersey pouch, prewired for USB power bank for charging on the go. This is designed for less impact on head/neck strain and maximum battery life.

Vehicle set includes exterior mount and wiring for constant power (using USB source), standard mic/headphone, 3.5mm audio connection for vehicle stereo/speakers.

The Vertix Ultra communication system will automatically connect when approaching the rider and it will stay connected with a long range of up to a mile in unrestricted terrain. This system makes it easy to communicate requests for race info, water, food, navigation instructions; and for the crew to motivate and keep riders rolling through conversation, and relaying messages from friends, family, and social media supporters.

“The best communications ever! Excellent range, wind noise cancellation, and clear sound!” --Seana Hogan,6-time RAAM winner

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